Our customer service team in Brussels, together with our logistics team in Antwerp, is organizing daily the ordered goods deliveries to the different destinations by sea, road, air, rail, or combined modes. They exclusively rely on selected trustful business partners offering a regular service with the local presence.

This in-house capability, paying constant care for every detail as from order entry, is here to ensure on time materials allocation and marking, loading and stowing, documentation issuing and sending, thus meeting all our customers' expectation.

The important warehousing facility we enjoy in Antwerp, as well as the regional ones in the main markets, exhibit a large inventory from our product portfolio for offering the shortest delivery lead-times.

From small to large, throughout the full variety of packaging to semi-bulk, all orders entered do receive the same dedication. This is where ultimately, our commercial team's right pricing policy merges with our customer service and logistics teams' right timing policy.

We shaped our transport and logistics service also into a specialty of its own.

transport truck